Boston Derby Dames

I’ve always heard incredible things about roller derby.  And there is obviously the movie Whip It that I’ve now added to my Netflix queue.  But I have really wanted to check it out in person.  And this last weekend I was able to!  My friends A. and K. invited me along with their friend J.  We piled into the car and headed to Wilmington, MA to Shriner’s Auditorium, home of the Boston Derby Dames.

For just $16/person we got to see two matches.  First up was the Wicked Pissahs vs the Nutcrackers.  I have to say, it was not the most exciting of matches as Wicked Pissahs was clearly much more experienced than the Nutcrackers.  However, it gave us all a chance to take turns with A.’s iPhone to read up on the rules of roller derby.

The next match, and what we then realized was the Main Event, was Boston Massacre vs Steel City in from Pittsburgh.  That match was really fun to watch as the players were very experienced and the game was close throughout.  In fact, the game was tied going into the last 2 min.  Boston Massacre came through with the win in a last few seconds that rivaled any game going on in March Madness.

So if you are looking for a fun and different event in the Boston area, I would definitely suggest checking out the Boston Derby Dames.  I think K. said it best: “if I had daughters I would bring them to this every weekend.”  (Also, the fans are awesome and the uniforms are some of the most creative I’ve seen at a sporting event….)

Pictures on my Flickr page.





One response to “Boston Derby Dames

  1. Whip it was pretty good. I’ve had tons of friends involved in derby, but I have yet to make it out to a match! Looks like fun!

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