Sisters for Life

Many of my readers probably do not know that I joined a sorority during my time at Northeastern.  Yup it’s true.  Guilty as charged.

It’s not like I planned to.  When I looked at colleges back in 1997 one of the items on my list was “limited Greek life.”  It is something that turned me away from some of the larger universities despite their strong business programs.  I was always happy that Greek life at NU was something like 10% of the overall student population.

Then things changed.  I found myself in my middler year (3 out of 5 year program) out of a long-term relationship, living off campus, working half the year, and struggling to meet new friends, beyond those I had made Freshman year.  My friend S. suggested I look into joining  a sorority.  What?  Crazy talk I told her.  I’m too old.  It’s not for me.  I’m not that type.

And then a month later as I was about to celebrate my 21st birthday, I found myself officially joining a sorority.  I won’t get into the whole process, details, etc.  But what I will say is that at that time in my life, to all of a sudden have this group of women surround me and say “we want you”, well that was powerful.  Say what you want about “buying friends” and all the negativity that comes with sororities – but for me – this was what I needed at that time.  People I could call up to hang out, talk, and eventually, shoulders to cry on.  And of course, they were people I could go out with.  Those girls showed me how to party around Boston for sure.

When I graduated I think I went through some growing pains and some of the friendships were tried and tested, especially when I moved across the Pond.  But when I moved back to Boston, many of those women were the first people I got back in touch with.  And now as many of them marry, have children, move away, I realize that I am lucky to have many of them still in my life.

However- I have never considered myself a “sister for life.”  I had my friends from the sorority but that did not mean that I have been super involved with the sorority since graduating.  I got what I needed.  Thanks.  So when I heard about the 20th Reunion of my sorority being at Northeastern I deleted the email without another thought.  But then a few of us started talking about actually going and before I knew I had bought a ticket.

And I’m so glad I did.  Saturday night I got to see sorority sisters I hadn’t seen in ages, along with women who I see regularly.  And I got to meet many young new sisters who are still in undergrad, who were SO excited to see all of us.  It felt really balancing to be back on campus and to remember the fun I had during those years.  Hard to believe it was 10 years ago that I joined the sorority.  And while I don’t think I would want to necessarily re-live my undergrad years, I definitely would never change anything about my decision to join a sorority.  I sincerely hope that in another 20 years I can continue calling these women my friends and sisters.


3 responses to “Sisters for Life

  1. I joined a sorority in college for the express purpose of aggravating my mom. (It worked!) Regardless of my reasons, I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to . . . until I ultimately had to disaffiliate because I kept being fined for missing functions that conflicted with work. I left with sadness, but the choice was the right one, practically speaking. I haven’t thought too much on it over the intervening 15 years, but reading this entry makes me wonder–just a little–what friendships might have stayed with me in the alternate world where I stuck with it!

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