Can you tell me how to get to…

Sesame Street?!  I would imagine most of you grew up on this incredible show.  I know, for me, it had a huge impact on my life.  Especially the memories I have of watching it with my family, especially the afternoons that my dad, sister, and I would watch it and then wait on the porch steps to wait for my mom to come home from work.  Aw.

So I was pretty excited when I got tickets to the Independent Film Festival Boston‘s opening night viewing of Being Elmo.  The film is the story of Kevin Clash, the man behind Elmo.  It was a really amazing film and I definitely recommend seeing it when it is, hopefully, released soon.

After the show the director, Constance Marks, Clash himself, AND Elmo answered questions for the crowd.  It was fantastic and definitely left me feeling so grateful for what Sesame Street and the Muppets have meant to my life.

Check out this great compilation of the evening over at LonelyReviewer.

2 responses to “Can you tell me how to get to…

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I had an enormous crush on Grover, which either resulted in or from my excess of books about him. (I meant to marry him when I grew up!) I didn’t watch much of the show, though.

    My son loves his Elmo dolls and was captivated by the Mraz/Sesame Street video we watched. I have the sense he’ll have some of his own memories of Sesame Street before too long!

  2. I bet! Kids just seem so incredibly drawn to Elmo. Even when Clash was right there “being Elmo” the kids totally didn’t even seem to notice him. It was awesome!

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