Award Winning Hack Library School

I’ve written about my involvement in the Hack Library School blog a few times along with the fear that writing gives me.  And now I’d like to share some really wonderful news about this incredible blog with all of you.  We won an award!!!!

The blog is the recipient of the  2011 Salem Press Best Newcomer Library Blog Award!

Very exciting stuff.  And it further goes to prove the idea that if you want to change something or if you do not like how something is being done, do something about it!  I am so honored to have had the chance to work with the other editors of the blog and to learn from all of them.  It has been such a wonderful experience, especially as I go from student to professional.  The support they offer is priceless.

Beyond being honored to be listed as a winner, I know for all of us editors it was an even greater honor to be listed along with other bloggers who we admire and respect and follow.

Here is a list of the  other winners:

General Library Blog: Librarian in Black

Public Library Blog: Swiss Army Librarian

Academic Library Blog: Information Tyrannosaur

School Library Blog: The Unquiet Librarian

Local Library Blog: Cecil County Public Library 

Quirky Library Blog: Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette

Commercial Library Blog: Neverending Search


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