“Are you enjoying it?”

My mom asked me this question this past weekend.  It was a simple enough question but it definitely had me thinking.  Was I even enjoying all the training I’ve been doing?

As I talked about in my last post, there is definitely a loneliness factor to running.  But there is definitely a HUGE enjoyment factor.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I really got a big kick out of my run this morning.  A run that consisted of getting up at 5:30am, and then running up and down a huge hill in Brookline until I had done about 6 miles.

On the other hand, Monday morning I woke up after two very late nights and found that just getting out of bed was a struggle, let alone getting ready to run, put in my contacts, and then actually run 5 miles.  And the rest of the day was pretty downhill from there.

Today, though, after a good run, I came into work so positive and ready to go.  It really is crazy how running, or any work-out really, can impact your day so much.  I currently wake up to do runs in order to beat the heat and in case I have something to do in the evening (which is less and less as I try to maximize sleep).  But even as the weather cools down in September and October, I’m wondering what kind of impact it will have on my day if I move some of my runs to the evening vs the morning.  And will I still enjoy it?

My enjoyment factor is also being influenced by trying to be more disciplined about my social life.  With long runs on Saturday mornings I am trying to stay in on Friday nights.  But then when I get back from my runs on Sat I find I’m kind of exhausted for the rest of the day and sometimes on Sunday too.  And I’ve just started!  And during the week I’m trying to make less plans because I’m getting up at 5:30 to run!  I’m really not complaining, more just trying to make sense of what this training is meaning for me.  And how I make sure I still am enjoying it in 13 weeks time and not resenting the decision.

So I will stay in a bit more, I will see friends a bit less.  But this Saturday, after I finish my 15 mile run, I’m getting on a bus to NYC to see my best friend.  So that throughout the whole process I can answer honestly, “yes I’m enjoying it.”


2 responses to ““Are you enjoying it?”

  1. Enjoying the run itself is somewhat uncommon for me, but I always, without fail enjoy the effects of having run. That’s the part that keeps me coming back for more, and the part that has me excited to start lacing up my shoes again tomorrow after months of plantar fasciitis. I’m ready to feel that again.

    Have an awesome time visiting your best friend!

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