Training Black Hole

It started last Friday morning.  I had gone out with some friends on Thur night.  Not a late night but I had no desire to wake-up just to do some elliptical nonsense at the gym.  So I didn’t.

Friday night I had very long-standing plans to go with a friend to Fenway for a Red Sox/Yankee game.  So I decided that I should postpone my long run from Saturday morning to Sunday morning.  My run was 16 miles and was tough from mile 4.  And it was raining the whole time.  But I spent the rest of the day recuperating and thought I was good to go.

I was wrong.  After already deciding that I would take Monday off (was supposed to run just 5 miles) to recover from my later in the weekend, I thought to myself, it’s ok, I’ll start back at it Tuesday morning for my 7 mile run.

5am Tuesday morning my alarm went off.  From beneath my blinds all I could see was darkness.  Oh right.  It’s August and the days are getting shorter, sadly.  I just couldn’t do it.  I had absolutely  no desire to get out of bed and to do my run.

So again, I put it off.  I promised myself I would get my run in when I got home from work.

Well when I got home from work, it had started pouring.  And I had a kind of disappointing and frustrating day.  I had about zero motivation to run.  As Wednesdays are my cross-training or weights day, I figured, hey, why not just push this run off until Wed morning.

All of a sudden I could see myself pushing off this run until it was the weekend.  And then what?

So I stopped the cycle there.  I got ready for my run and I went out and ran 7 miles in the rain.  And wow, am I so very happy I did.  It was not only actually not too bad rain-wise, it was exactly what I needed mentally.  It helped me sort out the day’s events and get back on track with my training after a few days of less than 100% effort.  I felt great when I got home.

Whether I’m training for something or not, I think it’s something I always have to remember.  Running almost always makes me feel better.  It’s always worth the effort.  And what I am realizing now that I am training for a marathon, that while you don’t want to push yourself, you have to get out there.  Every point in the training is doing something for you so that weeks down the line you can safely run 26.2 miles.

And of course, I always  remember why I’m doing this.


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