Dear Boston

I came to Boston as an 18yr old who thought she knew everything.

Like most college bound students.  But on that September day in 1998, as my parents drove away in their Subaru,  I stood in my dorm room on Hemenway Street and I had never felt more scared.  Because I didn’t know everything. And who would teach me now?


You taught me how to live on my own (and how to move, and pack, and move, and pack…), how to make friends, how to lose friends, how to love, how to heartbreak, how to get back up again.

You taught me how to explore a city, how to love a city, and even how to hate a city.

You taught me it was ok to leave for a bit.  And it was ok to come back.

You taught me the confidence to go into a bar or restaurant on my own.  To make friends with those around me.  You haven’t done a great job at teaching me how to talk to cute men at bars but it’s a work in progress.

You taught me to ask questions.  You taught me education never ends. You taught me how to share knowledge with others.

You taught me how to build a community of my own even when I felt all alone.

And now, well, it’s time for me to leave again.  New adventures call.  But this time it’s won’t be as far as a hop across the pond.  It’s merely a ride down the road.  And it is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

And I have never felt more scared.

Because, who will teach me now?



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