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On Being Alone

Last night as I stood on my pretty great wood floors in my pretty great Cambridge apartment that I share with a pretty great woman, I started to prepare myself dinner. And then I thought about what a privilege that was.  To have the time.  To have the means.  To not have to consult with anyone about whether or not they wanted mushroom black bean quesadillas.  To not have to make enough for two.  Or three.  Or four. Or to make enough for two (or three or four) and then get to eat it all myself.  And that I could eat it while laying on the couch while watching Breaking Bad (yes I still haven’t finished Season 5) wearing leggings, some weird Jim Beam socks, and a tank top.

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Can you tell me how to get to…

Sesame Street?!  I would imagine most of you grew up on this incredible show.  I know, for me, it had a huge impact on my life.  Especially the memories I have of watching it with my family, especially the afternoons that my dad, sister, and I would watch it and then wait on the porch steps to wait for my mom to come home from work.  Aw.

So I was pretty excited when I got tickets to the Independent Film Festival Boston‘s opening night viewing of Being Elmo.  The film is the story of Kevin Clash, the man behind Elmo.  It was a really amazing film and I definitely recommend seeing it when it is, hopefully, released soon.

After the show the director, Constance Marks, Clash himself, AND Elmo answered questions for the crowd.  It was fantastic and definitely left me feeling so grateful for what Sesame Street and the Muppets have meant to my life.

Check out this great compilation of the evening over at LonelyReviewer.

We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday…

As some of my faithful readers may know, I celebrated a birthday yesterday.  The big 31.  Not nearly as exciting of an occasion as the big 30 but it’s a birthday none the less.

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Yup that’s right.  Culture.  I mean with all my hours of free time from being off Facebook, I gotta find something else to do with my time.  ha.

I saw two fantastic, but very different shows, at the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) in the last few weeks.  First up was Cabaret with Amanda Palmer of The Dresden  Dolls.  I hadn’t seen this musical in years and was happily reminded how many wonderful songs are in it.  However, I had also forgotten how depressing it is as it takes place in Nazi Germany.  But still, tickets were cheap and I love seeing theater.  Followed it up with A.R.T’s production of Alice in Wonderland this past week.  I feel like the best way to describe the kinds of shows that A.R.T does is like contemporary art for theater.  They take classics and give them this crazy modern twist.  Very creative, and always different.

Also was able to go to the Museum of Fine Arts when my parents were in town for my dad’s birthday.  We saw the Avedon Fashion exhibit as well as Boston photographer, Nicholas Nixon, exhibit.  Both were really interesting.  I love photography exhibits so it was right on target!  The day of culture was completed with a fantastic birthday dinner for my dad in the North End on my old street at Lo Conte’s.  More about my most recent food events in a few….

Maine- the way life should be.

Every year my family goes on vacation in York, Maine.  We stay for 1-2 weeks at a little beach condo across the street from Long Sands Beach. We get to the beach around 10am and stay until 7pm or so.  We pile up the books and the sunscreen.  It’s wonderful.  And while I was living in London it’s one of the things I missed the most.  Now when I was younger I know I definitely didn’t understand why we had to stay on the beach so long but as an “adult” it is one of my favorite activities by far and something I really look forward to.

Now last year, my family was lucky enough to have perhaps the ONLY nice week of the summer in Maine.  We had 7 days in a row of about 90 degree weather.  It was pretty much perfect.  This year we did not fare so well.  We had rain from Sunday though Wednesday.  However we managed to make the most of it while hitting up Portland and lots of outlet shopping in Kittery.  My credit card is still complaining.

In Portland we checked out these great spots:

Portland Public Library – which was just finished its renovation earlier this year

Portland Museum of Art – which had loads of beautiful artwork by mostly Maine residents.

And we obviously had to eat so we stopped at Nosh for some incredible sandwiches and bacon dusted french fries.  Yes, you read that correctly.

So all in all it was a pretty wonderful time in Portland!
Finally by Thursday we got to head to the beach for those perfect 10 hour days filled with sunshine, wave jumping, and reading.  Ah perfection.
On Saturday my friend L. drove up from Boston and we headed to Boothbay Harbor for the rest of the weekend.  We got in a crazy 3 hour bike ride that took us all over the county including a lobster roll that was incredible.  I’m happy to say we did #4 and #5 on this list.  Saturday night we went to a wonderful tapas restaurant called The Boathouse Bistro Tapas Restaurant.  Don’t worry, pictures of all of this food is on my flickr link at the end of this post!
We ended the weekend with a great hike, some souvenir shopping, and a very traffic-ridden ride back to Boston.  But all completely worth it.  And I’ve spent most of this week at beaches in Massachusetts.
Life is oh so good.  🙂
Pictures of my Maine adventures here.

Museums, hikes, family, and friends

This past Memorial Day weekend was just a perfect one. My parents came in from Western Mass for a weekend of seeing several museums that we somehow have never gone to, despite all the time we have all spent in Boston. While my mom and I headed to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum my dad went to see an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts. I’m actually hoping to use his ticket to go see the exhibit as well. Interestingly, a ticket to the MFA is good for one more visit up to 10 days afterwards. Very good to know!

I enjoyed the ISG museum, although I agree with my mom that is rather dark and can be hard to keep yourself from kind of drifting through each room without really looking at anything. It’s also a bit hard to stay engaged because there are only room maps that you can use (along with also the option of an audio guide) to see what each item is. There are no labels for the items. So it just means you have to use your brain a bit more to remain interested. If that makes sense.

The main garden at the ISG, though, is just stunning. It is a shame that you can’t go in it but we discussed that a bit with one of the docents. She told us that it’s basically because the whole museum is built on a landfill so it is literally sinking. Therefore they don’t want too much added pressure on the beautiful mosaics in the gardner. My mom and I thought it was just because people like to touch everything!

My dad met up with us at the ISG and we walked around a bit more, hit up the gift shop, and then headed back to Brookline for a lovely afternoon of thunderstorms and shopping! We ended the day with a fantastic meal at Pho Lemongrass. I will definitely be going back there again very soon. My parents headed to their hotel while I went to Dorchester to a friend’s little party. Overall, a great day.

Sunday I met my parents at the JFK Museum. If you have never been, run don’t walk! It’s an incredible museum. I just love the Kennedys so there is that but it was just a really great and well thought-out museum. Good lighting (!) and an easy to follow look at JFK’s life and career. I just loved everything they had. Really good use of multi-media as well as you go through. I would definitely go back here.

We then headed to a late lunch and then my parents were back to Western Massachusetts while I met up with some friends to sit outside and enjoy the rest of the sunshine.

Monday morning I was picked up by my friend Lynsey for a little hiking right outside Boston. We headed to The Fells in Medford. I could not believe we were so close to the City yet were completely surrounded by nature. Since we were up for a challenge we decided to do the long hike of about 7 miles. This trail is described as:

The trail follows the outer perimeter of the western Fells. There ar spectacular views of Boston and the surrounding area. Most of the Skyline trail is in wooded landscape, with several steep ascents to rocky outcrops. A difficult hike.

It was just perfect. The guide said it should take 5 hours but it just took us 3! We were really booking it! And I got a few pictures here. (the tulips were a present from my parents)
We then headed back into the City for our reward of cold beer and burgers. Perfect!! I hope we get to do some more hikes this summer as it really is so great to just get out of the city for a bit and to do something different than running.

My wonderful Memorial Day weekend was capped off by a drink with a wonderful friend flying in from London. It was so good to see him and to hear about everything going on with him and his family. Although it did leave me missing that city a bit…..

But then I remember what a wonderful time I had in Boston over the weekend and I know this continues to be the place for me….for now…. 😉

Home Sweet Home

Well the last week has been a mix of emotions. I think the honeymoon ended:) It’s not that I’m sad to be back in the States. I’m not. I’m still very excited about school and this summer of freedom and being home with my friends and family. I think that I just hit a bit of a rut and was missing my London life a bit. I have been afraid of pushing myself back into people’s lives here in Massachusetts but in the meantime I think my friends here were trying to give me space! So I’ve been reaching out more and trying to really get back in touch with everyone. Which has been great. I also spent a wonderful weekend in NYC this last weekend. I got to catch up with my college friends, go to a great wedding shower, and see one of my very closest friends. It was great. A bit tiring and a lot of traveling, but all worth it. It made coming back to Leverett a bit tougher I think. I feel a bit out of touch in Leverett. But I knew I was being a baby about that so I took a great walk this afternoon to see the amazing nature all around where my parents live. Pretty crazy! I took a walk up the mountain to the right of our house and I saw a deer in the very close distance! I then walked down to the Leverett Pond and watched a rabbit bounding around the edge of the water for a bit. Not something you get to see in cities!

So even though this is all a definite adjustment, and at times it can feel like big spurts up and then a big fall downward, it is all just another step in this journey. And what a journey it is:)

For pictures of my little afternoon wander…see here.