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“Ew. I don’t want to hold her hand.”

No.  I’m not talking about an awful date.  I’m talking about something I heard on the regular as a kid.
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[The below is a twitter stream of thought I had the other day.  And it probably reads like that. But it was such a revelation for myself that I felt the need to get it to something a bit more permanent.]  Continue reading

Never Forget

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Thinking of all those who lost loved ones on this tragic day 9 years ago. May we never forget and may we come together, all of us as human beings, to rise above the hatred and ignorance in this world.

So senseless…

Over the last weekend 14-year-old Jaewon Martin was gunned down on a basketball court outside Bromley-Heath, a Roxbury public housing development. Jaewon was an honors student at the Timilty Middle School where he was also a part of the pen pal program, Promising Pals. I participated in this program this semester and words cannot even describe the sadness I feel for his family, for his community, for the children in the community, and for the children in this program, like my pen pal. On June 4th there is a breakfast for everyone involved in the program and we’re being told there will now be a memorial service for Jaewon at it as well. That is going to be a very rough day as I cannot even begin to imagine what all of the students are going through right now….
I don’t really have much more to say except that I hope after reading this you’ll take a moment of silence for Jaewon and for all the children that are taken in such a senseless way as this….
WBUR coverage of the funeral here.