Food Truck Resource Guide

Reading List on Food Trucks, Street Vendors, and Open Markets

Compiled by Nicole Fonsh with help from Boston Radical Reference Collective    April 2012  (*Added December 2012, **Added March 2013, ***Added June 2014)

Scope: The below list includes studies, journal articles, and other links that can provide consumers, residents, and interested parties with more insight into the history and impact of food trucks and vendors on the surrounding community.  As there are many resources that focus on the owners of food trucks, the goal of this list was to provide resources for their customers.  As such, items such as city ordinances and the like have not been included.

Atlanta Street Food Feasibility Study
By Mike Cutno, Zachary Adriaenssens, Vanhvilai Lisa Douangchai
September 2010

City of Toronto: Review of Toronto A La Cart Pilot Project
By Cameron Hawkins & Associates
April 2011

Food Cartology.  Rethinking Urban Spaces as People Places
By Urban Vitality Group

The Food Truck: A Photographic Retrospective
By Romy Oltuski
September 2011

Food Trucks as Urban Revitalization Catalysts: Microenterprise, Interim Land Use and the Food Economy
Thesis by Alex Matthew Howell
May 2011

*Food Trucks Laws by State

*Food Truck 101: An Illustrated Study
By Mikaela Flynn
October 2012

**Food Truck 101 Presentation/Write-Up
By Irene Li
March 2013

Food Without Walls: The Planning and Economic Development Benefits of Outdoor Food
By Alex Iams
Fall 2010

Healthy Food Outside: Farmers’ Markets, Taco Trucks, and Sidewalk Fruit Vendors
By Alfonso Morales and Gregg Kettles

The History of Food Trucks
By LMSev (user name on Timetoast)

*LONCHERAS: A Look at the Stationary Food Trucks of Los Angeles
By Jesús Alberto Hermosillo
March 2012

*The New Food Truck Advocacy: Social Media, Mobile Food Vending Associations, Truck Lots, & Litigation in California & Beyond
By Baylen J. Linnekin,  Jeffrey Dermer, & Matthew Geller

No Vacancy!  A Guide to Creating Temporary Projects in the Central Eastside Industrial District
LocasLab and Central Eastside Industrial Council

Portland Food Carts
San Francisco Street Food Conference: La Cocina
August 2010

Public Markets as Community Development Tools
By Alfonso Morales
December 2010

*Regulating Mobile Food Vending in Greenville, SC
(A Terminal Project Presented to the Faculty of The School of Planning, Development, Preservation, and Landscape Architecture, College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Clemson University)
By Jason Tanenbaum
May 2012

Report on Foodtrucks: A Multiple City Analysis and Report of Site Visit to Los Angeles
[presented for Boston, MA]
Presented by Councilors Michael P. Ross and Salvatore LaMattina
Fall 2010

*Seven Myths and Realities About: Food Trucks
By Bert Gall & Lancée Kurcab
November 2012

A Short Study of Current Mobile Food Trucks in Six Major US Cities and an Ordinance for the City of Chicago
By Matt Moroni of

Street Eats, Safe Eats: How Food Trucks and Carts Stack Up to Restaurants on Sanitation
By Angela Erickson
June 2014 


Swap meets, flea markets, and open-air public markets : a community and economic development model for low-income and underserved neighborhoods

By Jeffery Edwin Juarez

Ten Facts about Street Vendors [adapted for Jersey City]
The Street Vendor Project

A Visual Look at Boston Food Trucks
By Megan Marrs
April 2013 

A Woman’s Place is on the Street: Purposes and Problems of Mexican American Women Entrepreneurs
By Alfonso Morales

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